An Introduction

This will probably be short. It's taken me a couple of hours to set up this blog -- and my youngest daughter's nap is soon to end. It's a Monday, so her big sister is with my mom. This is one of the easier days -- one of the days when I get to focus on just one of my children.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a 38 year old "stay-at-home mom" -- a title I chafe against, but which is common parlance for women who spend their days with their children, trying to keep them alive, teach them something worthwhile, have some fun, and prepare them for the world they live in. We don't spend that much time at home, honestly. And, for me, this choice had much more to do with wanting to stay-away-from-the-office, than planning to stay-at-home.

I'm a very ambitious person -- just not professionally. I want to live as though my life matters, as though life in general is miraculous and worthy of awe everyday. I found that hard to do working at a desk, wearing hose and heels, attending meetings, and giving only my brain anything really interesting to do all day. These days it's my brain that gets the least work, I admit. But my heart, soul, and body are thoroughly engaged in the work before me now. It's not always a comfortable thing -- quite often it can be mind-numbingly repetitive, bone-achingly exhausting, and breath-takingly heartbreaking and humbling -- but it is something a lot closer to what I'm aiming for out of life.

My daughters Kay and Dee are 19 months apart -- at this writing 27 months old and 8 months old, respectively. Kay is testing every limit I never knew I had and Dee is teething and on the brink of crawling (which is also to say that she is not sleeping anymore). Sometimes they nap at the same time and I indulge the fantasy that I have something to write about -- that I can write. That's when you'll find me here. When their naps end, it might make for an occasionally abrupt conclusion -- and I won't be writing every day -- but I'll always be back eventually.

I hope you come back, too.


  1. oh yes! i'm so excited! let the naptimes commence...

  2. Yay, Sheri! Thanks for letting me know you were here.

  3. Thanks for stopping by..can't wait to read more of your blog..

  4. Saaay...don't I know you? Faboo writer, a little retro(grade) in attitude?

    Hmmm...I'm not really sure. Guess I'll have to read more to figure it all out...