I am a stew of mixed emotion in response to this blurb on the back cover of HAVING IT & EATING IT:
"Durrant writes about the vulnerability and diminished self-image peculiar to women with young children with honesty and humor." - The Sunday Times (London)

I suppose I know I'm a walking cliche. And I admit to taking some comfort at the thought; it's like a blinking neon sign of a reminder: this too shall pass; someday, I will be more recognizable to myself again.

But I don't know, something about this blurb also makes me raised-hackled and growly.

(According to A. A. Milne, "growly" is a word.)


  1. "Diminished self-image"...hmmm. I want to read this book after you do.

    I was very impressed with the bicycling of the girls yesterday. Eli was wide-eyed with amazement.

  2. "growly"? Totally a word.