Mysteries solved

Mystery #1
My baby girl likes to chew on her big sister's Dorothy slippers.

Mystery #2
Kay woke in the wee hours as if from a dream. I went to soothe her hopefully back to sleep and she cried, plaintively, "I want Dee back."

This has happened before. And, as before, I said, "She's right here, sweetie," gesturing at her sleeping sister in the crib.

"I want Dee back," she said again, this time more urgently.

"She's right here."

In the past this has appeared to resolve the issue, except to the extent that I've been left wondering what she must have been dreaming; Kay has quieted and gone back to sleep. This morning she persisted.

"I want Dee to GO back."

My mama's heart sank with understanding.

"Yes," I said, kissing her forehead. "I know you feel that way. But we love Dee and she loves us. YOU love Dee and she loves you. She's staying, sweetheart."

To which Kay gave a small nod and rolled over to face the wall, sucking her thumb.

Some mysteries are not so much fun to solve.

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